New Toys – D7000 and 16-85mm

Over the last few weeks I have been upgrading my photog gear from the ground up. The D60 I used for the last 4 years was a great entry level camera but it was starting to show its age. It has been donated to my mother for vacation snapshots.

Enter the D7000, replacement camera of choice. It has many of the features I am looking all while fitting in with my budget. While I my main intention is photography the added video recording capabilities are highly welcomed. Weight is acceptable and it fits more comfortably in my hands than the smaller D60. Picture quality is far superior as well. It is a whole another league of camera. I am happy to have it in my bag.

Along with the new camera I decided I needed some new “all-around” glass. The 16-85mm is a nice companion to the D7000.

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