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Stonewall Golf App

This demo project is far from finished but I keep finding myself working on it from time to time. The heart of the app is the course overview section. It will provide the user with details of a specific hole and a flyover video with accompanying voice-over. Additional modules include scorecard and other course information. The app can be tailored specifically to each course or to a set of courses.

New Toys – D7000 and 16-85mm

Over the last few weeks I have been upgrading my photog gear from the ground up. The D60 I used for the last 4 years was a great entry level camera but it was starting to show its age. It has been donated to my mother for vacation snapshots.

Enter the D7000, replacement camera of choice. It has many of the features I am looking all while fitting in with my budget. While I my main intention is photography the added video recording capabilities are highly welcomed. Weight is acceptable and it fits more comfortably in my hands than the smaller D60. Picture quality is far superior as well. It is a whole another league of camera. I am happy to have it in my bag.

Along with the new camera I decided I needed some new “all-around” glass. The 16-85mm is a nice companion to the D7000.

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Christmas Present

Stopped by the Warhol museum to get my Christmas present. These are going on the wall – Art!

You can pick up your own here.

Can the iPhone 4 HD video camera hang in a studio setting?

I guess so, and apparently I make a good video subject for testing it out.

We recently got in some new light panels at work and wanted to try them out. With our normal HD cam out for repairs we resorted to testing with an iPhone 4. The green screen test results were quite surprising to the say the least. The iPhone is a decent contender, does not hurt that we used ~$7,000 of high-end LED lighting to get those results. Head over to my buddy’s page, John Beavers, to see the results.

Test Results!

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